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First, Bicisvet, thanks for your great online reports on most of the days in the Tour de Serbie this year. For me, the webmaster of Tom Meeusen in Belgium, this was a great opportunity to follow and report on most races online. All I had to do was translate from Serbian to Dutch or Flemish - our language, also the language at but we are thinking of adding and English version of the site too.

Second, to readers of this site and followers of the Tour de Serbie: Tom is a cyclocrosser who participates in this tour as preparation for his winter season. Nevertheless he puts his effort in every race as much as possible. Already this, regardless of the results he obtains, is worth to applaud for! And now that he managed to get on the podium 5 out of 7 races in Serbia, we of course are happy!

( of Tom Meeusen)

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Đorđe Pejković
Đorđe Pejković - EUROSPORT cycling commentator
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