Alberto Kontador stao na ludi kamen

 Alberto Kontador (Alberto Contador) pobednik 3 Tura, 2 Đira i 1 Vuelte juče je stao na ludi kamen i rekao sudbonosno "DA"

Venčanje je održano crkvi Santo Domingo u njegovom rodnom gradu Pintu. U krugu najbližih prijatelja El Pistolero se venčao sa svojom dugogodišnjom devojkom Makarenom.

Makarena Peskador - 26 (Macarena Pescador) i Alberto koji će uskoro napuniti 29 su preko 10 godina u vezi. Upoznali su se u Pintu kada je njoj bilo petnaest a njemu sedamnaest godina i od tada su nerazdvojni.

Makarena je sa Albertom bila i u dobru i u zlu daleko pre njegove operacije mozga, prve pobede u karijeri (na trci "Tour Down Under" 2005), poslednjih kontroverzi u vezi sa klenbuterolom, i bila mu je konstantna podrška u karijeri.

Venčanje je bilo jednostavno bez mnogo pompe i u krugu ljudi koji su uz njih čitavog života. Čestitke mladom bračnom paru

Alberto Contador married   

Alberto Contador - winner of three Tours, two Giros and a Vuelta - has taken the most important trophy of his life today in a ceremony at Santo Domingo de Silos church in Pinto.

In his home-town church, before the watchful eyes of family members and closest friends, Alberto escorted his lifelong sweetheart Macarena to the altar, where they were married at midday.

Macarena Pescador, 26, and Alberto, who will soon be 29, have been together for more than ten years. They met in Pinto when she was 15 and he was 17, and have never separated.

Macarena has been with Alberto during the best of times and the worst of times. From long before his first post-surgery victory in the 2005 Tour Down Under, through the controversies that the champion has been thrust into by virtue of his fame, Macarena has been the constant support to whom he has dedicated scores of victories.

COPE announced yesterday that the couple had "decided to say "I do' in a simple wedding without many extras, and together with the people who have always supported them." Recalling Macarena's comment, “For such a champion as Alberto, he hasn’t changed his ways, his friendships,” COPE added: "That’s why it’s possible to see that, in this union, he will also be able to remain true to the love of his life."

In marrying this November, Contador has proven true to his character. As a man who puts first things first, who considers family a priority above all else, he will meet all future victories and challenges with the most vital asset a person can have: a loving and supportive spouse.

(Đorđe Pejković)

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